So, the potato-faced stool sample that is Jeremy Clarkson may just have stuck his rear end out too far this time. Well, good riddance - quite apart from anything else he hasn't actually been funny for a good 10 years.

Anyway, there is a lot of talk this side of the pond about who might replace him, and in all seriousness I think I might have the answer.

Doug DeMuro manages to be consistently funny, irreverent, informative, all those good things... without recourse to the sort of over-the-top xenophobia, shock tactics and scapegoating that JC would have you believe is essential for your 'entertainment'.

Coincidentally Jalopnik are (no doubt with tongue in cheek) suggesting that JC might be induced to go and write for them (… ). So how about a free transfer? I think it'd be a win-win...

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